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About Us

Sri Jaya enterprises started as a humble endeavour to supply equipment to chemical laboratories and industries in Hyderabad; today we stand out as an epitome in our field, we are glad to collaborate with the leaders who envision the future of India. The last … years has taught us that business is all about relationships, the real inspiration is derived from our clients who relentlessly innovate, the ones who seek higher standards and make our planet a better space.



To enhance the output of our clients, to pave a path and ensure their efforts are optimised. At Sri Jaya we instil values into our organisation that turn into client testimonials.

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India has been a promising industrial hub, providing our industries with state-of-the-art technology is our vision. The last 26 years were revelatory, we established a vibrant conversation with industry leaders. Our passion for providing quality equipment and relentless service has made us build long-lasting relationships with our clients and has instilled a belief in us that keeps us going.

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